Mittwoch, 26. März 2014

Let's take down a pinwheel bun? Wrong thought!

I love trying new hairstyles, especially buns, cause I like my hair out of the way. A few days ago I found this amazing "Pinwheel Bun"

I think it looks very nice and I gave it a try.
I started at about 13:45h and finished around 14:05h - which I consider as a good time, doing it on myself and for the first time. It turned out not as neat as in the video. I liked it but not as much as I wanted my hair to be the whole day. And so I thought: Let's take it down.

That's where the trouble began. My hair is almost at classic length (dear, that term's even used in Wikipedia! I thought it was unofficial...). And maybe that's too long or I just started taking it down the wrong way. But I made like one little mistake, messing up the sections and it was all screwed up! I became totally frustrated and after nearly 60 minutes of pure despair I decided to cut my bun maker (aka hair donut) in half. (6€, come on. Still a better option than pulling / tearing / cutting my beloved hair!) Nevertheless: 

Now it is 15:30h. I am going to classically english braid my hair - after detangling it. Let's see how long that will take...

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