Donnerstag, 16. Januar 2014

Transformation: Men's shirt becoming Victorian bodice, Part 1

I already posted that kind of teaser picture of my 1890s dress, which I call "New Year's Eve Dress", although I did not manage to finish it in 2013.Here's what I did between Christmas and New Year's Eve:

Challenge: Step into a new period and make a Victorian taille / bodice
#without pattern
#low cost
#one (first) try, 'cause fabric's limited
#make it look fabulous!

Quite challenging, indeed. Solution:
*Use your Dad's old shirt that he just wanted to trash, and re-cut it!
*Lace yourself into your super-comfortable-although-bought-ready-from-an-online-shop-corset and
*train your brother (aka skilled sidekick) in pinning!

*take bad selfie-pics in front of the mirror (cause your bro did enough nice things for you that day)
If you're lucky and your sidekick is talented, like mine, it turns out like this:

remember, this is like an inside-out view. If you turn it around it will look good, but it's not necessary, for this is just the lining of our bodice.

oh dear, poor pose! :D

Yeah! Next steps:
-ask your (a bit more talented) Mum to check and re-pin it
-sew and cut off left over fabric
-mark sewing-lines, cut the shirt into pieces and use them as pattern, like this:

The shirt will later be the lining.

Cut fabric and sew (c'mon, you should all know how it's done).

Next part is coming, I have to go to university now! Have a great weekend.

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