Samstag, 16. November 2013

Obsessed with 1890s Bathing Costumes!

Oh dear, oh dear! University started (a month ago) and although I LOVE my archaeology courses I am not motivated at all to prepare my presentations and theses! Instead of reading books about Obsidian Hydration I search the internet for hours to look at...

1890s Bathing Costumes!
(I love the term "bathing costume" - sounds so much prettier and vintage-ier than "swim wear")

I would like to share some pictures here (and I hope to not disobey anyones copyrights).
Ready for summer? Here we go:
I don't know if that's a special rowing outfit or just a regular swimsuit, but I like it. I like rowing. And I like to picture 1890s women wearing nice outfits and rowing a boat. Oh, and it's RED instead of blue, like the following costumes. You'll see... via flickr

more after the cut, please click:

Pattern I want to buy. Folkwear via neheleniapatterns
I do not like the cap, though... [same source as above]

Folkwear via neheleniapaterns
I do like this picture so much! via bygonefashion

check out Recollections for wonderful reproductions! If only the price was lower... Man, I could spend DAYS staring at these photographs, they're just gorgeous!

Still not best-friends with that cap-thingy... via premierclothing
and anotherone in RED! [same source as above]

back to the blue ones... via hourglassdesigns

I could post tons of pictures more. But as most of them look pretty much the same I stop right here. An advice for Google-research:
# search for ALL possible terms. Looking for "1890s bathing costumes" will give you other pictures than "victorian swimwear" (believe me, it makes a huge difference!) 

Last but not least my conclusion: Bathingsuits did not vary that much between, like, 1870 and 1905. (If you think different, please don't hate me! :D It's just my very-beginner's opinion!)

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