Freitag, 26. April 2013

Online-Shopping, Sewing-Edition.

A couple of months ago I thought: I need some new 18th century stays (the old ones just worn out and with some parts to be corrected next time).
I also planned to sew an 18th century skirt and caraco.
And, since it is 2013, and in Leipzig we celebrate 200th anniversary of the Battle of the Nations ("Völkerschlacht" in German), I decided to make myself some regency clothing. For there are so many events and I do not own anything regency...

So here are the patterns I ordered at

NP13; NP400

Period Impressions 1809 Day Wear; J. P. Ryan 18th Century Caraco

Except for my 18th c. stays I never used patterns before. Maybe that's a reason why all my dresses look just not that perfect. ...
The stays instructions (including fabric, steel boning and anything else needed) are in German, while the caraco and regency patterns are in English.

Ah, that chemise that I really truely need because the old one is not just dirty but quite damaged... I won't need a commercial pattern, it's not so difficult to cut out pieces for a chemise.
I may need two, an 18th century version and an 1813 version... or maybe one will work for both eras?

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